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7 Video Game Easter Eggs designed to screw With Your Head Saints Row 2 is a sandbox crime game, very much in the vein of Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto if let you execute civilians while dressed as Santa Claus. Sandbox games are made up of vast worlds that the player can explore, making them ideal for hiding Easter eggs Saints Row 2, however, gives you the whole damn rabbit.Nike Air Max You see, while exploring the area around the island prison, you can come to a small island containing nothing but a sign with an arrow pointing out to sea. If you jump on your boat and walk in that direction, you will find. another island with an arrow pointing in a different direction. Star Fox was one of the first games to introduce Super Nintendo 3 D graphics, and also the first game to introduce combat pilots anthropomorphic animals space monkey Emperor, probably. If you are a Star Fox player of experts (or, as you looked at the map screen for five seconds), you already know, there is a level Black Hole secret. However, it turns out that there is another, even more secret and completely batshit insane level that is not even marked on the map, most people are blissfully spend their lives without ever knowing about it. To access it, you must go to the asteroid belt and hard to destroy a greenish gray asteroid will release a giant bird of space. Now you have to fly into the giant bird of space. What the fuck literal wheel, Nintendo?Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher The level is not particularly difficult: The only enemies here are sheets of paper floating on the screen and fold into paper airplanes and. whatever these other things. The real challenge is to play through the level without losing your lunch. When you think it can not possibly get a more strange, a giant slot machine flies in front of you that music exchange 'When the Saints Go Marching In'. It's the boss. The boss is a huge slot machine in space. You fight by pulling the lever and get randomly on July 3, which can take between 10 seconds throughout the year, depending on what feels like pretty game. When you finally score a jackpot, it reverses a pile of gold and silver coins and destroys itself. but then it's over, right? Please? No. Here's where it gets really worrying level. Unlike in the black hole, which at least allow you to resume normal play, it never ends. After beating the slot machine, the credits will fly by, ending with a scrambled 'The End' while enemies fly at the screen. You can try to decipher the letters by shooting them, but they will just undescramble again. Your only hope is to leave this place to let the enemies kill you, but even then just sent you back to the beginning of the level. So you're trapped here forever, and probably now the monkeys rule the universe. Diablo 1: The secret cow and pony secret levels The Diablo games are killing Satan, so you can imagine, the enemies will be things like demons and dragons. cows? Hordes of bipeds, brandishing ax cows? You are the guy who will soon be trampled in the center.Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir The explanation is that when the first Diablo game is out, a strange rumor began to go around claiming that if you clicked repeatedly on a specific cow are outside of the city, you can reach a level all of the cow. It was just one of those stupid things kids are bored come with their friends lose entire afternoons by clicking the cows. Diablo creators Blizzard brought out of their way to emphasize that there is no cow level in Diablo. then they included one in Diablo II. And it was the day the nerds have learned that if they bitch enough, anything can happen. To access it you have to beat the main game once and then combine two specific elements to create a portal. Enter the portal and you will find yourself in a large meadow, chased by dozens and dozens of killer cows. Their leader is a powerful sorcerer known as bovine Cow King, and as long as you do not kill him, you can still return to the secret cow level to collect items for the normal game. Or for your own sandwich.
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