Collectible ancient locks in hardware industry(2)

Wonder is in the possession of the ancient lock. It has the rich workmanship, internal mood of wit, strangeness ideas, according to window and door accessories suppliers china, taking us into the mysterious quiet strange, colorful artistic realm, resulting in higher levels of aesthetic enjoyment.


Let’s talk the last topic of the collectible ancient locks in hardware industry.

Third is the process. Chinese traditional locks are handmade, exquisite craft more complex lock value is higher. From a technical point of view the level of the ancient lock was divided into flat carved, engraved, pierced carving, engraved, gilt, wrong gold, gold, gold, mosaic and molding casting. Look fine, carving realistic, complex pattern lock has high artistic value.

Fourth is the scarcity. "Suddenly," the ancient lock is no exception. Collectors are not to door hardware wholesale China; they choose the value locks for use. Those few survive in the world of locks, text locks, dark locks, inverted fastener and a variety of modeling realistic characters lock, the lock on the higher value of the animal. Chinese traditional ancient lock in addition to the usual positive opening, anti-away, as well as two keys at the same time need to open the "Love locks", with the key into the organ, three palm lock batter before opening of the "three slap lock", and We need four key organs surrounded by blossom lock, and some are required for the verse "Tibetan poetry lock." Like a lock rare, naturally subject to collection of investors.


It sounds wonderful if you have the interest to collect ancient locks for use. Some of my friends said they have found some gorgeous locks in the discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China.