Tetra M2 choreography rental display outside HD series New Arrivals

Tetra(agape) launched because the finish of 2013 Cube Series M choreography shade display, 14 years following the launch of choreography HD series of merchandise while in the M1 stage rental households, M series and M1 product promptly grew to become the scorching bare hands turn out to be rental display goods on stage rental industry. Taking under consideration the transforming setting stage rental display applications, just lately launched Tetra M2 (choreography rental show outdoor HD) products to meet the requires of outside rental buyers.

M2 products into M2-580 (P5.833) and M2-700 (P7) designs. Its cabinet is utilized in die-cast aluminum material, the relative market outside leasing products, lighter; box size of 560 mm * 630mm * 95mm, the comparison industry merchandise much less; and modules to the massive modules, whether left or right , maintenance far more practical.

Tetra M2 series goods may be applied to carry out, conferences exhibitions, weddings, basis, started out opening, promotion along with other routines, the stage background structures, lighting and sound equipment and special effects products rental areas.

Tetra M2 product or service has the following four big outstanding positive aspects:

To start with, in advance of the module servicing design, upkeep and more convenient

Modules can before servicing, and maintenance additional speedily and quickly; handy application upkeep faster than classic products promoted by greater than five instances, drastically shorten maintenance time module;

2nd, 8: 9 factor ratio box

Can conveniently obtain a 16: 9 golden ratio show sizes and 4: three display dimension standard proportions. Realization from the human eye the golden ratio, superior visual effects;

Third, can realize single-person operation

Anti-off assembly built to immediately take away someone;

Fourth, quiet, fantastic heat dissipation

The new design and style notion, the efficient management of the temperature rise, steady operation and longer daily life; heat sink cooling, fanless, noiseless work

Tetra M2 item, the ultimate glamor, creating choreography outside high-definition screen, bring you excellent gorgeous visual expertise.

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