iPhone6 screen repair message

Flashtechllc is pleased to announce that we now offer iPhone 6 lcd screen repairs and iPhone 6 plus screen repair.Since the introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus to the market there have been many requests to us about repairs. Due to how new the phones have been it has been very difficult and very expensive to find original replacement parts which meant many shops were not providing the service.

With the advancement of technology each new generation of iPhone becomes more expensive to repair especially soon after its release as most parts are being used to build new phones to sell rather than selling them off as replacements.

The few parts that are available to repair centres are extremely expensive and due to how fast their value can depreciate it is not worth many repair centres taking them on in the beginning. Also most consumers are not willing to pay €400 to have a screen replaced.

The good news is this awkward time for iPhone replacement parts has passed and now we are offering iPhone 6 screen repairs. Just to give you an example of how unpredictable the pricing on the replacement parts is, last week we were charging €270 for an iPhone 6 screen replacement based on how expensive the parts were to us to purchase at that time. This week iPhone 6 lcd screen repair with us is just €220 as the price of the replacement parts to us has dropped quite significantly allowing us to offer our customers a better rate.

The prices on the iPhone 6 replacement parts will continue to drop but it is impossible to know when and by how much as that is controlled by the suppliers of the parts based on demand.
iPhone 5S screens when the phone was first released were close to €250 to replace, nowadays you can have an iPhone 5S screen repaired for just €80. As the various parts for various phones become less popular the manufacturers will drop their prices.

Due to how expensive it is to repair a new smartphone screen such as the iPhone 6 screen it is always advisable to insure your device if possible and/or invest in a really good phone case. 

In Flashtechllc we recommend the Otterbox brand and we sell them in store on offer with another fantastic product that we can vouch for the 'temperered glass screen protector'. These screen protectors are a piece of hardened glass that sits over your phones glass. The glass screen protector prevents scratches and can save the glass below after a nasty fall. 
An Otterbox phone case and a glass screen protector is what we recommend to all our customers who have had screen breakages or are trying to protect their screen as best they can.

All of these products have presented in our online store. iPhone6 screen repair is available from € 220 just 30 minutes to repair. As with all our service we talked about the three-month warranty.