Different color, different style for bags

We know that beige with beige clothes and handbags is subtle and elegant, bright but not dazzling, which is the world's girls common color from the wholesale supplier of bag in China, but because of her simplicity and rich intellectual beauty and more for professional package, so the choice of beige suit with a bag.


Black belongs to calm with mystery, and no matter what color put together, will not have a style, it has been felt by people congresses are the wise choice of black people, absolutely first class. Red and black with itself is classic, the best combination of black and white is never out of date, even if somewhat difficult if a match is beige with a consistent style can do, the result is almost unparalleled, the sun, the avant-garde, fashion, youth, Similar words will be a steady stream of rushing to your name. At that time all right to steal the go for the China high-grade canvas printing bag.

Purple mature and elegant and luxurious, the texture of clothing, high work requirements, more stringent requirements bags, but often this is the most difficult to match colors to reflect the wearer is most elegant and aristocratic charm bookish rhyme. Lilac color is more suitable and romantic and not too deep near the bag with, looks elegant calm; purple clothing is more luxurious, more similar for color and not too bright colors with matching luggage bag factory, revealed in luxury in the dignity and generosity.


Have you get the points of match your cloth with your bags which will make different styles for your whole life? Of course, embroidery bags from China traditional embroidery bags wholesale will give you fashion when you catch it in the street.