Mobile providers

Mobile e-commerce is the use of mobile phones, PDA and handheld computers and other wireless terminal of B2B, B2C or C2C e-commerce. It Internet, mobile communication technology, short-range communications technology and other information processing technology perfect combination, so that people can at any time, any place various business activities, achieve shopping and trading anytime, online or offline, online electronic pay and a variety of transactions, business activities, financial activities and activities related to integrated services.

Mobile e-commerce is in the wireless transmission technology is highly developed case generated, 3G technology, mobile e-commerce support technology such as frequently mentioned. In addition, Wifi and Wapi technology, but also one of the options of wireless e-commerce. Timely conference call using a mobile phone fast mobile conference phone solutions. With the 3G / wifi network experience a new concept of mobile meeting, while the meeting at any time using mobile phones to manage meetings, maximizing your productivity.nk trading inc