WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 Hits the App Marketplace

The Windows Phone Store are about to add the two most important Apps over this weekend - WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app and Facebook – world’s biggest social networking site.


Let’s first discuss about the app known as WhatsApp, it has been predicted that WhatsApp would arrive for Windows Phone 8 very soon. This cross-platform mobile messaging app permits the user to exchange messages without paying anything for the SMS. This app has been on position one from the day since it has been released and from that day it has been a part of every body’s life due to their Best Android Phone. All the Windows Phone 8 users are waiting for the arrival of WhatsApp in their Windows Phone Store. So that they can also be able to share messages, pictures, audio notes and now videos too with their friends or family members on their Latest Android Phones having windows 8. WhatsApp can be downloaded  from Windows Phone App Store for free for the first year.


On the other hand, the official app of Facebook is going to receive an upgradation for the Windows Phone 8. The latest Version 4.1.0 has been improved to give more stability and better performance and now is also been able to fix the bugs due to which this app was criticized a lot. Moreover, there is an added support for multiple resolutions and tile sizes plus more! So, now the Facebook is also available in Windows Phone App Store, and it is free! So go and get it, and forget the awful experience of the previous versions.