Do you know why preciuos minerals are deposited far much beneath the earth? have you ever thought or do you know why God chose to put them that way??

I think if you don't know, then I should let you know. Gold, diamond and other precious metal are very expensive and valued, therefore not every Tom, Dick and Harry can afford to secure a chance to excavate them let alone buying. So god had a purpose for this as He always have a purpose for everything.

Friends, some of our body parts as we call them ''private parts" are likewise these precious minerals. They are not to be exposed for every Tom, Dick and Harry or Mary, Jane and Grace to attempt to mine. For one to mine these minerals, need to be very serious and you mean business. No one goes to try to mine and leave.

The way these minerals are deep beneath earth that no one can see them lest you struggle, so should we dress to cover these parts well and effectively in that no one can see and make a haste judgement....