4 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Lack Spark in Bedroom

A recent study conducted in Britain reveals that most couples are too exhausted and tired to work up heat in bedroom. Yes, most men and women have hectic lifestyle and they don’t have time left for getting intimate. If you want to find out what drags you in love life behind and what you should do to create a spark in bedroom, ask yourself the following questions, as they will help you to introspect into your sexual health in a good manner.


Do you make love fortnightly or monthly?


If your answer is yes, think twice. The more sex you have, the more you want and vice versa.  Keep in mind that sexual activities trigger pleasure centre in your brain and make you feel good about you and your life partner. Remember, making love to your partner also helps you to build a bond and love between the two of you.


Quick Fix- If you want to feel that heat in your bedroom, make sure you cuddle up on the sofa, let your mind go through fantasies and read erotic fiction.  Make kissing, cuddling and curling up or even sleeping naked a part of your lovemaking to refresh your love life.


How often do you really talk to each other?

Studies show that couples who lack communication are less likely to have more sex and enjoy their intimate moments. In contrast, those who talk regularly have more sex and feel more connected to each other.


Quick Fix- Start talking and share how you are feeling about each other. Ask if your partner feels satisfied and at the same time ask what could be done to improve your lovemaking sessions. Studies show that couples need to takes 10 to 15 minutes to talk intimately every day, sharing what has happened and how they are feeling. If you need medicines like kamagra or Viagra tablets, consult your doctor and go ahead if your doctor allows you.


How healthy is your lifestyle?

Some men and women are in a good health and with a decent level of fitness. On the other hand, there are some men who lack fitness, drink a lot, smoke and even use some drugs which decrease their sexual stamina and energy.


Quick Fix- Start a well balanced diet and fitness programme to feel healthy and happy in life. Quick smoking, alcohol and control stress in life. Team up and spend more time together, as it will give you the benefit of increasing intimacy. Set weekly health targets and reward yourselves with an extra special bout of lovemaking.


Does your partner have health issues like erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a serious condition of men in which they cannot get it up or maintain erection for sex. It not only hits their confidence level, but also causes the sex drive to slump down. When a man is not able to perform in bed due to erectile dysfunction, it may also lead to breakups, divorce, infidelity or boredom in couple’s sex life.


Quick Fix- Communicate your problems and support each other. Try to relax and meditate and have regular exercises. Apart from this, you can also check out some medicines like kamagra tablets. These drugs are specifically designed for men with erectile dysfunction to enable them perform well and last longer during intercourse.


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