What Your Golden Retriever Puppy Should Learn From You

Golden retriever puppies virginia are adorable cuddly dogs that fill you with warmth. They are quite popular for their high energy and intelligence. A golden retriever can grow to be the most confident, well mannered, loyal and adaptable dog you can have. However, this tiny bundle of joy can turn into a destructive menace if proper training is not done during its early years.

A retriever is eager to learn and please its owner. These characteristics make it easy to teach. Among the many things you can teach the dog, basic house rules and obedience are important. The dog is very energetic and if this energy is not channeled in the right way, you will have to be disciplining your dog many times. This is not an activity you or your dog would look forward to. So here are some of the things you should teach your golden retriever puppies.

Chewing on things is something golden retrievers like. Puppies will do this especially out of curiosity or when teething. They can easily ruin your favorite pair of shoes or worse still chew on an electric wire. To control this, get them a chewing toy. When they try to chew on something, say "NO" firmly. Take the item and replace it with the toy. Praise the puppy when they take the toy.

golden retriever puppies for sale in virginia are usually quite jumpy. They are full of energy and love playing. Jumpiness should not be accepted from a young age. This is especially important if you have children and elderly people in the house. If the puppy gets jumpy, again say no. if he calms down, praise him for obedience.

Animals are instinctively dominant to items they feel are theirs. This is especially evident when it comes to food and toys. Trying to take either from them could lead to aggression and even a bite. It is necessary to teach your puppy that such dominance will not be tolerated. Start by taking its food bowl while it eats. When they turn aggressive say no. this is important as the golden retrievers are very curious, they might end up eating something that might harm them.

Let the golden retriever breeders know exactly where it can and cannot go within the house. A good way to do this is to use crate training. Buy a crate where the puppy is expected to stay while it sleeps. Ensure that the puppy does all its important activities inside the crate. This will enable it bond with the crate and make it its home. Ensure that you do this gradually until the puppy gains enough confidence to be left alone in the closed crate.

Golden retriever puppies for sale in va can be the best pet you can buy. They can also be a nightmare if you do not teach them how to be well behaved. Teaching them earlier on will enable the puppy know what is expected of it when it becomes an adult. There are a number of training facilities which train puppies. These can be helpful in training of complex tasks such as peeing outside.