Fight Excessive Sweating With Botox

Have you ever woken up all sweaty in the morning? Maybe you were built with a bad dream and that got you sweating like that. There is indeed a close relation between alcohol and sweating. While many people experience excessive sweating after drinking alcohol, some might feel it as a withdrawal symptom. It is categorized into primary idiopathic hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis. Sleep hyperhidrosis, which can be commonly called night sweats, is a condition that's characterized by excessive sweating during sleep.

Iontophoresis: Iontophoresis involves the use of water to restore the normal functioning of the sweat glands. There are various diseases, disorders, physical conditions and lifestyle factors that can cause this type of head sweating. This is exactly what we medically identify as hyperhidrosis. This is noticed once the muscle movements become uncoordinated and also you may notice that the individual loses his balance often. This is proven successful, but then again there may also be some possible side-effects including excessive sweating on legs, thighs, abdomen and back.

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