Peyman Heidary, QME

Peyman Heidary is a multitalented professional in a number of fields that has had a number of positions at the highest of fields throughout his career. In 2010, he earned from the state of California Department of industrial relations the Q.M.E. status. He served in the role of qualified medical evaluator also known as a Q.M.E. These important positions in service of the citizens of the state of California are filled by qualified physicians which are certified by the division of Worker’s Compensation and their medical unit. They fill an important role in evaluating the injuries of workers in reference to disability and medical legal reports. This critical position determines a status of eligibility for an injured worker who is looking for workers compensation benefits. These positions are filled by doctors of osteopathy, doctors of chiropractic, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, acupuncturists and more. 


By managing the most advanced medical issues in the world of Worker’s Compensation, they’re able to review and prescribe adherence to medical treatment guidelines through the course of their recovery. Over the course of the process, the Q.M.E., is one of a selected group of physicians that are issued to the applicant which determine whether an injury is truly work-related and they also are able to determine whether a medical dispute needs resolution before proceeding any further. The term injury is one that can have any causes and it is to the benefit of the individual in the state to determine the root cause of these injuries and to attribute that appropriately if there indeed has been an injury at work. One product of their work is the delivery of medical legal reports that will give the applicant guidance to how to process and potentially settle their claim. By examining injured workers throughout the state, they provide an important presence of record that has protected workers and organizations in many ways over the years.