The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Health. Quit Smoking!

Knowledge Does Not Require Action. Kick the Habit or Kick the Bucket?

  • 5,000 people in the US quit smoking in the US a day.
  • 1,000 people every single day die from cigarette smoking related disease.
  • Tobacco's association with cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and chronic lung disease account for over half of the deaths in the Us annually
  • Rewards at each milestone (1 week e-cigarette juice, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year)
  • Pamper yourself (baths, aromatic oils, start walking on trails, cycling)
  • On the morning of quit date wet the cigarettes and destroy them, wash ashtrays and put them away. Ask for support from family members, friends and co-workers e liquids uk. Ask for their tolerance. Let them know you are quitting and you might be edgy or grumpy. Ask them not to smoke in your presence. Look up American Cancer Society and American Lung and Heart association for Quit Smoking Programs.

    The MonaVie Fruits Helpful in Detox

    Passion Fruit

  • excellent source of vitamin A and C
  • potassium and sodium
  • good source of iron
  • magnesium, niacin, phospherous

Acai Berry 19 fruit blend

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