Do you know the general guidelines in the design of cable tray?

Here, I would like to share some design standards of cable tray. I believe cable tray manufacture china will benefit from this article.


The most important thing is to determine environmental conditions, which are corrosive environment, the general environment and the special environment. The direction of a cable tray is also important in order to facilitate the maintenance. The third aspect is to determine the best path of a cable tray according to the general layout diagram, combining with process pipelines and steam pipelines as well as  other specific conditions. The fourth is to evaluate the load and to decide the distance between layer and its interior part. And then you should know the fastening means. It seems that many foreign customers want to buy best cable tray china for the quality and price. We have witnessed the strength of the manufacturing industry in china, but we should take actions to prevent the advent of some uncertain problems. Cable tray, as a supporting tool, the process of design should take the type, practicality into consideration.


In deed, there are no definite standards in the design of cable tray. However, you should keep the general guidelines in your mind in order to avoid unnecessary loss. If you are looking for a perforated galvanized cable tray wholesale from china, you can contact with us. We expect long-term cooperation with customers.