Power Semiconductor Devices for UPS Technology Systems - Function of IGBT Inverter FZ1800R17KF6C_B2

Visit http://www.USComponent.com/buy/eupec-infineon/fz1800r17kf6c_b2/ and know more of FZ1800R17KF6C_B2’s powerful features. With this IGBT transistor module, you’ll never have to worry in saving the vital data on your computer during power failures!


FZ1800R17KF6C_B2 is the best solution to extend the power supply of your UPS. One of Infineon’s finest creations, FZ1800R17KF6C_B2 is an IGBT transistor module with more powerful features than any ordinary semiconductors. Weighing around 11 lbs., FZ1800R17KF6C_B2 can produce power up to 1700V or 1800A.


FZ1800R17KF6C_B2 has low switching losses, ensuring that the energy it provides to your UPS will not deteriorate that easily. Made for industrial and energy applications, this IGBT transistor module promises to be highly reliable and efficient. Witness the boost it gives to your UPS and see how long it can sustain that amazing ability.


FZ1800R17KF6C_B2 is also equipped with patented free floating silicon technology to be able to handle its optimal power rate. Aside from UPS, this IGBT transistor module is also resilient enough to boost the power of other applications.


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