Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE for Improve Cell

Samsung churns out another entry-level Android handset for Boost Mobile's prepaid service. The Galaxy Prevail LTE is an updated handset that improves upon its predecessor's specs while maintaining a low price point.

Is It Your Type?

The Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE falls about in the middle of Boost's lineup of prepaid phones. If you're looking for something better than entry-level, but don't have the cash for a high-end device, the Prevail LTE covers most bases at a reasonable cost.

(Virgin Mobile and other carriers are selling the Prevail LTE as the Galaxy Core Prime. The name may be different, but the phone is the same.)


If you've laid eyes on any handset made by Samsung over the last few years, then you have a good idea what to expect from the Galaxy Prevail LTE. It marches in the exact same steps trod upon by no less than a dozen such phones from the Korean manufacturer. It looks classy, but is hardly unique.

Like many of Samsung's handsets, the Prevail LTE is made from plastics and has a chrome band circling the outer edge. Chrome accents also circle the home button, form the grille for the earpiece speaker, and ring the camera module on the back. The phone is white with a glossy front and a matte back. The Prevail LTE looks conservative; there's nothing flashy about