Surf Gear, Dino Agbayani

Dino Agbayani is an experienced surfer that has a lot of knowledge of this exciting and popular recreational activity. He often advises people on the topic of surf gear. It is something that is not commonly talked about. Most people assume that you need a board and for all intents and purposes yes you do, but it is much more than that. Selecting the right surfboard is step number one. You see surfing is an art and it is about the interaction between the surfer and their board. It also is about the ocean itself. How much fun you have depends on how you interact between those three things. After all it is all about fun, and there are a number of things which can help you to gain all that you need to successfully surf. There are a variety of boards out there which include the short board, longboard, fun board, hybrid, fish and gun type of boards. Whenever you are going out to surf, it is best to discuss with your local professional on what board might be best to suit your needs. If you’re a beginner a certain kind of board might fill that role better. On another day the water conditions might be such that you require a different kind of board. It is also good to have a comfortable pair of surfing shorts in hand and a bottle of sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Other than that it is really about getting in the moment and finding that successful medium between surfer, board and ocean.