Xiamen LED energy-saving in energy of up to 16 million degrees

Following far more than 3 months transformation, Xiamen three hundred mountain, fox Oyama, Tianma, Baicheng, new sun tunnel lighting energy-saving tasks passed inspection. Tunnels classic metal halide, fluorescent, large stress sodium lamp and other lighting fixtures have been replaced with one green energy efficient LED lights.


We know that the achievement in the undertaking entails street tunnel group (Wucun tunnel, WanshiMountains tunnel, 3 hundred mountain tunnel), roundabout street tunnel group (Huangcuo tunnel, gold cottage tunnel, Zeng Shan tunnel), Genting, Xinyang, Baicheng, Pegasus mountain tunnel eleven tunnels totaling 52,566 replacement lamps.(agapeled)


It is actually reported the tunnel lighting is a "big power" highway operating management, more substantial tunnel in the proportion of working fees, the demand for energy-saving technologies is very urgent. Conservation authorities say the central bridge and tunnel tunnel, tunnel lighting energy-saving tasks of tunnel demonstrate a powerful power saving effect, after the transformation of a financial savings of more than one,600 million kWh annually.

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