Features of bamboo fiber

Before you have a deeper understanding of the features of bamboo fiber, you should know what it is. Today, china fiber supplier will share you get to that answer.


Bamboo fiber uses nanotechnology, which is known to us. The first step is to smash bamboo charcoal, and then adopt traditional chemical fiber preparation process so as to produce qualified bamboo fiber. in the following, the features of bamboo fiber would be mentioned. Bamboo fiber is a kind of green and environmental friendly fiber, which is training out from green material. It has such characteristics like natural bamboo has, which are anti-mite, pest control and negative ions production. As one of the most popular functional fibers products, bamboo fiber has won a big market in textile industry. Another feature is soft-touch, like "grade silk", which has a small unit of fineness and a unique elasticity as well as horizontal intensity. The next feature is the cross section of bamboo fiber is filled with large and small oval-shaped pores, which can instantly absorb and evaporate sweat. Therefore, in terms of moisture absorbing and releasing, it ranks the major among textile fibers.



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