Popular product solar street LED light for customers

With the conversion of solar photovoltaic technology, solar street LED light controller technology continues to improve. Constantly updated, and cost of the new light source is gradually reduced. According to the LED light supplier china, the development of solar street light will give us a broader vision and more beautiful city views.


Solar street lighting special controller specifically designed for solar DC lamp system, the control of single and tandem unit PWM charging the main circuit, the intelligent control. Use double touch switch, complete all operations and settings. Short circuit, overload, anti-reverse, overcharge, over discharge, automatic shutdown and automatic recovery protection and solar electricity complementary functions are good for the customers. Like the T8 LED tube light suppliers said that we should pay high attention to our future life with the use of various lights. The controller through the computer chip on the solar panel charging voltage, charge current, the battery terminal voltage, discharge current, temperature and other parameters related to the charging and discharging control sampling, to achieve compliance with the battery charge and discharge control characteristics with temperature compensation, the use of efficient PWM battery charging mode, ensure that the battery and lamp work in the best condition, greatly extended battery and lamp life, improve the efficiency of the solar battery charging circuit and the efficiency of the light source; a variety of operating modes, the output mode Choose.


LED street lighting special controller can adjust light power according to the various requirements of lighting time and each time period, the overall design of the basic considerations into all aspects. To buy LED flexible light strip is not the only tip for customer nowadays.