Advice And Tips For Finding The Best Adventure Travel Destinations

Advice And Tips For Finding The Best Adventure Travel Destinations

If you love adventure and venturing out of your comfort zone, to see something unique, different and something that will give you that kick of adrenaline, choose... Chernobyl Zone! I visited that site a year ago and I will never forget the eerie, outlandish and terrifying atmosphere surrounding that abandoned, forgotten place.


Adventure travel is very exciting, and there are risks associated especially when travel to overseas destinations is involved. Travel sites are abundant online which specialize in world class Adventure Travel experiences at affordable prices.


If you heard about Chernobyl from the movie "Chernobyl Diaries" I just want to say it's ALL fake. Chernobyl in this film is not Chernobyl and it wasn't even filmed there! It was filmed in Slovakia!


Chernobyl and the nearby abandoned town Prypiat (Ukraine) is a place that seems to be taken out straight from a horror film. In 1986, the nuclear reactor failed and exploded. That tremendous event contaminated the whole European continent, especially the north. The city of Prypiat was evacuated overnight and never re-populated again.


Now, after all those years, you can experience firsthand how nature takes over and what would happen if all humanity disappeared in an instance.


The collapsing buildings, crumbling schools, destroyed hospitals and nurseries give a horrifying impression. You feel like you are in a computer game or something. It's a definitely must see place before you die!


There are concerns about visiting Ukraine at the moment but it applies only to the very eastern frontiers. The beautiful capital Kiev and Chernobyl area are safe for tourists (the contamination levels are also low and safe now).


If you want to read more about it and see the amazing photos from this unbelievable place, visit my blog @ And, the Ukraine is not all grey and gloomy as the media show, click here to see other amazing places in that exotic and completely.