Glow Sticks available for fundraising.

They are little tubes filled with a fluorescent gel. Once the sticks are bent, the internal lining is broken activating the fluorescent light. They glow for around 6 hours and are available in five or six distinctive colors. Most packages also include connectors to ensure that the children can create necklaces and bracelets together with the glow sticks.


Glow sticks are a great small funds maker. You'll be able to sell them for fundraisers or put some money in your pocket. You never see this in stores, no less than here in Dallas. 

Obtaining 500 eight? glow sticks will expense around $30 to $40 with shipping providing you a unit cost of eight cents every single.


During the summer time, we sell them at our swim meets about dusk at 3 to get a dollar. Our concession manager walks out on the concession stand at sunset wearing these stick for my child hair so that as a necklace. Before you decide to be aware of it we've youngsters aligned in the concession stand waiting to purchase their very own glow sticks. We have sold them for a dollar each inside the past. A friend of mine was promoting them for $3 at a regional Oktoberfest. To view some existing buys on glow sticks check out eBay.