Feeding Your Newborn - Dads, Get Involved!

Do you have a baby that is cranky and wants to chew on everything in sight - including your fingers? If so, you likely have a baby that is experiencing teething symptoms. While you may not see any little white teeth poking out of the gums, your little one may still be in a lot of pain, which can lead to a lot of crying.

After four months, the baby bowl feeding kit schedule will shift a little bit. You can now start giving them solid food, as you will notice that they are now able to hold up their head and put their mouth around a spoon. There are plenty of baby formulas available for this stage, whether you want to go organic or not. Gerber and Enfamil are some of the more popular formula manufacturers, but there are plenty other options. There are constantly coupons for cheap deals on formula, so you should never have to spend more than $20 for a couple months worth of food.

New Wave makes a variety of baby insulated drink bottle bottle and food storage products. Their water bottles come in sizes ranging from 0.6 liters to 40 ounces.

What if your child already has a canker sore? Unfortunately, there are no cures, but you can treat the symptoms of a canker sore. Try dabbing a bit of baby stick teether gel, such as Baby Orajel, onto the canker sore. It takes away the pain instantly, but will need to be reapplied when the pain returns.

I by no means consider myself to be "green", but I do feel like I can make little changes in my life to help shrink by "Shaq" size green footprint into something a little more reasonable.

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