Forecast of locks in hardware industry

In the future, China lock industry needs to forge ahead and get rid of "a key to open several locks" the quality of cancer, turned "strength Gangster." This will give challenge for the window and door accessories suppliers China. However, we can look at the new direction of this industry.


Mortise lock is the development direction: but our Mortise small manufacturers, small, quality is not high and the function is relatively simple, so that, with the development of the market, mortise lock will be market a development direction. Mechanical locks are mainly spherical mortise lock and door locks, mortise lock and development potential significantly higher than the spherical door locks, first, the use of mortise lock door far superior to spherical, the second is inserted core locks easy to escape in a fire. Thus, people will go to the door hardware wholesale China for a buying.

High-end products become main stream with prediction from China lock industry and market supply and demand trends report for High-end locks technological content, more focused prominent humane, personalized, distinctive, and therefore relatively high profit products. Ordinary lock products faster, high-end locks will gradually become the mainstream market.


In addition, with the improvement of people's living standards, the beautiful countryside construction gradually strengthened the people of the security, reliability, convenience and other security equipment requires increasingly high demand for high-grade lock the market will be further increased just like people will buy high quality cabinet in the discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China. Future, science and technology era, locks, high-end products will enter the "fast lane."