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MLA style: "AMD BEATS INTEL TO 1 GHz." The Free Library. 2000 West World Productions, Inc. 23 Apr. air jordan 11 legend blue for sale(2014). But American Micro Devices had at least a moral victory when it beat rival Intel Corp. air jordan 4 to the 1GHz (1000MHz) mark on March 6. Sanders III, AMD chairman CEO, said that attaining the 1GHz performance mark has been a paramount goal for PC processor makers. "Just as the achievement of Chuck Yeager signaled the beginning of a new era in aviation, the 1GHz processor ushers in a new era of information technology. AMD plans to lead Bulls Over Broadway 10s in the gigahertz era," Sanders said in a statement.

Intel Corp., whichat least until it fell behind AMD last yearhad been widely expected to hit the 1GHz mark first, made a similar announcement a few days later. AMD air jordan 11 for sale said Compaq and jordan xx9 shoes Gateway will be the first OEMs to ship systems with the 1GHz Athlon processor, which is based on AMD's .18 micron process technology and will have a 200MHz system bus. Intel chips with a 133MHz system bus will appear in systems from Dell, HP, and IBM.

The 1GHz Athlon CPUs will be priced initially Air Jordans For Sale at $1,299 in 1,000 units (1ku) quantities. New 950 and 900MHz Athlon chips will be priced at $999 Jordans For Saleand $899 in 1ku quantities, respectively. Both Compaq and Gateway systems will command a price premium: probably at least $3,000 initially. In addition to the new, faster CPUs, Gateway and Compaq systems will have huge hard drives, at least 30GB, and 128MB of RAM. Expect significant Air Jordan price drops on slower chips from both Intel and AMD. They're fast, inexpensive, quiet, and built for expansion.