A Different Guide to Watch Selection

Seiko Chronograph WatchA  watch must shine with it’s own virtue, not the diamonds and pearls that come with it. If a time-teller comes expensive only due to the gold and glitters, it’s not worth! So why should you get it, after all? Forget technological advancements; it is an integral part of a man as women to jewelry! And unlike jewelry, it’s functional.


But then again, gold and solidity don’t need to run afoul; you just need to handle carefully. And by solidity, we mean parity of components, features and designs – the overall concept – the right things in right amounts, at the right places. External grandiose – how much ever pricey – doesn’t define a watch.


Neither does too much of technology. Watches are great creations and works of genius and genius alike, got limits. If your watch does too many things, it’s probably a fully digital Tool watch, to be used by Pro-s when they are at work. Ask any of them what they would while at Baskin-Robbins with their kids and family and you might be shocked to find out things turning out into simple chronographs and maybe, a Discount watch Store in Singapore.


This; however, doesn’t entirely apply for most of the young recruits, but otherwise, it’s like that. Watch wearing is about concealing your true self in a subtle manner and creating some amount of inscrutability around; it;s not about showing off what you are not.


So decide first whether life’s going (or gonna be) pinstripes and you see yourself heading to the firm in the morning. Or, are you still hopping towards the peak? Very broad categorizations, but that’s where it starts at. Even if it’s more than one watch you want to pick. The focus is on the kind of Seiko Watches and unless you terribly want to waste your wrist, you shall find huge number of options within the sub-1000 territory, some of them even Swiss. These are the stepping stone towards other costlier Swiss makes, but you might end up not going that far; the vast range between $500 and $2500 needs more than a lifetime to cover.


As a first time buyer, know that complications are not always the way to go. Carrying the complicated look is a complicated affair; if you are starting off with the Citizen Navihawk AT, it will be like the Veneno in untrained hands. Only worse. You can hire someone to drive it. You can’t hire someone to wear your watch. It applies most to first time buyers; then those shifting into quartz. For quartz users willing to change to mechanicals, something simple and sturdy is always recommended. A Seiko 5 shall be a better choice here than the Grand Seiko chronograph titanium watch or the Cocktail. And always remember one thing:


You want a serious timepiece, see first what’s under the hood. It’s the sole factor that makes or breaks your watch! For great deals on Online watch Store Singapore visit www.Creationwatches.sg.