Thuy Cafe Asian Restaurant and Food

Thuy Cafe has made a startling and fantastic discovery when she migrated to America and have been gathering all her study to offer you the exclusive Vietnamese Sandwich - Bánh Mì and Boba Tea.

Thuy Cafe serves Vietnamese Sandwiches, Boba Teas, Specialty Drinks. Located at 5944 34th Street North, St Petersburg FL.

At its best, the Bánh Mì - Vietnamese Sandwich is a brilliant combination in every sense. Cultures, texture, and temperature all meet as the French bread cradles a wealth of Vietnamese flavors ranging from the hot, crunchy grilled pork to the cool pickled veggie with our amazing secret smear.

The distinctive characteristic of Boba Tea is the tapioca balls which have a consistency like gummy candy balls and made from the potato cassava plant that sit at the bottom of the cup. The original Boba Milk Tea consisted of black tea, condensed milk, and sugar. As this drink became more popular, it comes in like a gajullion flavors.

Best boba tea selection and best tasting sandwiches. Modern decor, very clean food prep area.

Boba....Vietnamese style. Awesome -- and I mean AWESOME counter help! The girls are great with first time boba drinkers and are eager to initiate you into the "club".

Love the huge selection of Boba drinks! Sandwiches and specialty meals are always delicious. Wish there was one closer to the beaches.