Womens Day- Must I-t Be Recognized?

When we enjoy a day, we consider some thing special about this day. Or we would maybe not be celebrating it. Am I correct? What meaning do we send by enjoying Womens Day? You will want to also observe Mens Day?

What do we should think about women? Ideally, they must be treated equally in every the fields. Ideally when one thinks of a woman, one shouldn't think of them different whatsoever to men. Except they mother a shoulder different responsibility and child for a certain period, women should really be thought of as corresponding to men in most areas. Why label them as weaker sex or anything. Identify further on this affiliated link by clicking www.ocwomenscare.com/obstetrical-care. But this really is happening. Who's accountable for this way of thinking, where women are believed different? Men? Women? Traditional operations? Who? Let's examine more. Identify further on this affiliated link by visiting www.ocwomenscare.com/gynecological-care/. Click here oc womens care to compare why to acknowledge it.

Does media discuss the situation, if a man reaches top-of a huge corporation? No. If a woman occupies that place, but it does. Why? Is it only because women have traditionally not occupied such positions or that they are for some reason deemed inferior to men? Therefore it is a shock if a woman reaches the top of a huge organization? Why can not the media ignore such situations and not call them as information at all? Does press mention - today sunlight rose! No. It's taken as a way of life and nature. Why cannot the press simply take this fact as given that women are equal to men in all of the elements and stop discussing any issues that talk of sex difference and ability?

Does Womens Day maybe not do the same? Does it now somehow have the ability to project women as different then men in many ways? In the years ahead in-the debate, should we have different activities for men and women-in sports? With such categorization are we ourselves not managing women and men separately?.