Womens Day- Should It Be Recognized?

We consider something special about that day, a day when we celebrate. Or we'd not be celebrating it. Am I right? What information do we send by enjoying Womens Day? Why not also celebrate Mens Day?

What do we want to think of women? Preferably, they should be treated equally in most the fields. Preferably when one thinks of the woman, one should not think about them different in any way to men. Except that they mother a child and shoulder different responsibility for a particular time, women must be thought of as equal to men in every areas. Why label them as weaker sex or anything. But that is happening. If you have an opinion about sports, you will possibly choose to study about clicky. Who's responsible for this way of thinking, where women are believed different? Men? Women? Historic techniques? Who? Let's examine more.

Does media discuss the problem, if your person reaches top-of a huge corporation? No. If that position is occupied by a woman, nonetheless it does. Why? Could it be only because women have historically not occupied such positions or they are for some reason considered inferior to men? So it is a surprise if a person reaches the top of a huge company? Why cannot the media ignore such situations and perhaps not call them as news at all? Does media announce - sunlight rose today! No. It's taken as an easy way of life and character. Why cannot the press just take this fact as given that women are equal to men in most of the factors and stop discussing any issues that talk of power and sex difference?

Does Womens Day perhaps not do the same? Does it now somehow have the ability to challenge women as different then men in many ways? Moving forward in-the conversation, should we have different activities for men and women in sports? With such categorization are we ourselves not treating women and men separately?. If you have an opinion about finance, you will likely require to study about www.ocwomenscare.com/obstetrical-care/ review.