Best Tools for Removing Dust in Your Home by Yelena Gertsenova

There are so many commercials on television about products that remove dust from your homewhich do you choose? All homes suffer from dustsome more than othersso finding the right product for the surface you are cleaning is very important. When shopping for cleaning materials, consider these popular products, all of which are excellent at dust removal.

1. Pledge Grab-It Dry Cloths, Unscented

Want to get away from aerosol dust removers? A cloth is a great way to wipe dust off any surface without agitating it into the air or adding any chemicals. These cloths are unscented as well, so those particularly sensitive to scents are accommodated. They are easy to use as well as disposable. One cloth is very effective, so the 32 pack will last you a significant length of time without having to worry that they will dry out.

2. Swiffer SweeperVac

Swiffers popular floor cleaner is back to remove dust and pet hair from your wood and tile floors. With a combination sweeping system and vacuum, both the smallest and largest dirt particles are picked up at the same time. When you are finished, remove the dry cleaning cloth with the smaller particles and throw it away, and empty the vacuums dirt canister into the garbage.

3. method Wood for Good Furniture Polish

For a natural way to remove dust from your wood furniture, choose method. It has a gentle cleanser and conditioner that remove dust and grime without leaving a gross residue behind. Unlike most furniture polish that smells of lemon or pine, this one has a pleasant almond scent.

4. Swiffer Dusters Extender

Nothing cleans high, hard-to-reach places like the Extenderand it traps the dust, rather than just flicking it into the air. Both the top and bottom of the Extender can trap dust, and the fluffy fibers that make up the dust catcher have a tremendous amount of surface area for capturing dust. These fibers can fit into tiny spaces, capturing hiding dirt and dust. This tool is one of the few specially designed to clean the tops of ceiling fans, a great place for lots of dust that gets spread around when the fan is turned on.

5. Pledge Dust and Allergen Aerosol

If you are comfortable using aerosol dust removers, there is none better than Pledges Dust and Allergen trapper. Unlike dry dusting, this spray will tackle both the dust itself and the allergens that hide in it, leaving behind less to make you sneeze. This stuff also removes fingerprints and smudges, particularly from your wood furniture. And, the spray leaves your furniture dust-repellent through its Anti-Dust technologythat way, your surfaces remain free of dust for longer after you clean them.

Dust removal, especially in a home with allergy sufferers, is a critical part of keeping your surroundings clean. Consider your many options of dust-harboring surfaces, and choose the right product to get the job done. To learn more about keeping your home clean and healthy, please visit our website at and click through to the blog.