What is Green Interior Design

For over 50 years industry has been

polluting nature and slowly killing people. It is only recently that governments

have started to put in place laws to protect people and the environment from

dangerous chemicals. From a green interior design point of view the main

concern is to source indoor flooring, furniture, paint and furnishings that are

free of chemicals that pollute and make people sick. The main culprits are VOCs

such as benzene, formaldehyde, methylene-chloride, styrene, chlorofluorocarbons

and acetone. These volatile organic compounds off-gas easily and are found in a

wide range of household and office products such as paint, paint thinners,

glue, copier ink, marker pens, wall coverings, furniture glue, flooring glue,

carpet backings, cleaning products, and nail polish remover. Green interior

design is about hunting out products in a building containing these toxic

chemicals and replacing them with safe alternatives. VOCs cause respiratory

problems, pregnancy complications, cancer, reproductive problems and allergies

as well as ground water pollution and smog. Finding furniture and flooring free

of VOCs, and using VOC free paint is a key part of green interior design.