Samsung launches a new factory to produce the screen of Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung may have been somewhat ambitious with its Galaxy S6 edge and have to review its production capacity. A third production plant curved screens have also been launched today.

Decidedly, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge makes more of him than his colleague conventional borders. So much so that Samsung had obviously not anticipated such a demand for this product, and is now faced with certain difficulties in ensuring its production. Difficulties which had already mentioned several times and which require the provision of new plants to produce the curved screen S6 edge, even though its production is not without risk and that some monitors have flaws manufacturing.

So, today we learn that the Korean company has accelerated the pace on this issue and has clearly started production of these screens in a third factory. This would allow Samsung to more than double its production capacity, going from 2 million to 5 million screens products per month. According to the Bloomberg newspaper, citing sources close to Samsung operations, this plant was to embark on this production from June alone, and she would have a good month in advance.

Obviously, this operation is rooted in the very good sales figures made by Samsung with this model, but also thanks to record sales forecasts. He even says that sales of S6 edge could represent 50% of the total of the two smartphones.