The knowledge of Cylinder head and Camshaft

The knowledge of Cylinder head and Camshaft

    Cylinder block is the main part of the engine which will contact each of cylinder and crankcase into a whole. At the same time, it is the supporting frame of installing piston, crankshaft and other parts.

   Cylinder head is bolted to the top of the machine body and becomes the top part of diesel engine. Its functions are as follows:

1,Close the top of the cylinder sleeve; form a sealed cylinder working space with piston and cylinder sleeve.

2,The cylinder sleeve is pressed in the correct position so that the piston operates normally.

3,Install all kinds of diesel engine accessories. such as injection valve, intake & exhaust valve, cylinder starting valve, indicator valve, safety valves and valve rocker arm device etc.

4,Arrange intake & exhaust, cooling channel. etc. In the small high-speed machine of cylinder sleeve is also decorated with swirl chamber or precombustion chamber, so the hole and channel in the cylinder sleeve is various and make its structure more complex shapes.


Camshaft is a part of the piston in the engine, its main body is a cylindrical rod which has the same length with cylinder group. its top have a plurality of cam, used to drive the valve. One end of the camshaft is bearing support and the other end is connected to the drive wheels, that its role is to control the valve opening and closing action. because movement characteristics of the valve is related to the power and running properties of an engine, camshaft design occupies a very important position in the design process of engine.