Synthetic Sports Surface Maintenance & installation

Synthetic Sports Surface Maintenance


Two major reasons for the switch to synthetic grass in sports are durability and maintenance regardless of the climate.

Ask the groundsman at your local sports venue how to keep a top quality sports turf in premium condition and chances are you will not get a short answer. Whether it is soccer, tennis, cricket, bowls, golf or countless other sports that depend on a decent surface, the amount of work that goes into maintaining the turf is considerable.

Natural grass turf usually needs to have ongoing maintenance on a near daily basis to ensure that it is playable week in, week out. On top of that, most grounds keepers have to undertake seasonal work to prevent deterioration. It is a real science to know how to look after the turf - using the correct amount of fertilisers, water and infill as well as knowing the right times to mow and carry out countless other tasks - which most of us would not even think about.Synthetic Sports Surface Maintenance

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