LED drive electrical power use encapsulants

LED drive energy encapsulants for basic electronic parts, electrical power provide module and potting safety circuit board, and a selection of electrical and electronic potting, such as switching electrical power supply, energy supply, automotive HID lamp module energy provide, automotive ignition process module energy supply , home appliances controller, network transformers. Numerous prospects will not realize the use of LED drive electrical power encapsulants, and now as we explain beneath concerning the use of LED drive energy encapsulants:(EN12966)

one, before mixing: A, B component have been initial carried out by guide or mechanical stir, stay clear of the filler sedimentation brought on by functionality modifications.


2. Mixed: 1: one ratio in the two parts weighing stir into a clean container, the error should not exceed 3%, otherwise it will eventually have an impact on the cured overall performance.


three, degassing: pure degassing: the mixed plastic stand for 20-30 minutes, vacuum degassing: degree of vacuum 0.08-0.1MPa, vacuum 5-10 minutes.


4, perfusion: really should the rubber primed from the operating time, or impact leveling. The front surface from the substrate potting stored clean and dry.


five, the remedy: room temperature or heat curing can be. Adhesive curing pace and curing temperature includes a good deal in the winter take an extended time to remedy, it is actually proposed heating curing, curing 15-30 minutes at 80 ??, area temperature curing generally takes about 6-8 hours.

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