Cosel USA, Inc. Electronic Parts - P600E-24 Power Supplies for Motor Drives

If your motor drives are DC or AC type, then you need the boost that P600E-24 can give! Don’t waste your time and money in using ordinary semiconductors. Order your P600E-24 now at


P600E-24, a P600E series power supply can generate power between 47 and 63 Hz Frequency. This small semiconductor can operate in varying temperatures ranging from 0 to as high as 60 oC.  It has other unique components which include built-in inrush current protection, built-in over voltage protection and built-in over current protection.


P600E-24’s output voltage is handled by a master unit potentiometer, therefore, manual adjustment is not needed as P600 series notes input voltage and it chooses the right circuit to match to the applied input voltage afterwards. It’s RoHS compliant, UL recognized, CE Approved and CSA certified. CoselUSA, a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, offers a 3-year warranty for their products.


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