LG Smartphone: Sets Trend

The most captivating and best selling LG Smartphone with some specifications which were not seen in any other Smartphone provided by LG. So let’s just discuss about it so as to gather the idea about the phone. The coolest feature is that, it is a windows 7 phone that focuses on entertainment and sharing facilities. You can also connect it and it is quite good to see WP7 Smartphone get connected to big screen TV. This phone users can also enjoys the multimedia sharing facility called as Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) facility with wireless standard transfer, which allows the device to share their contents across home. This phone is also supports 720p HD video. This phone has got a good remark on the Wi-Fi connectivity and music player .The phone has a QWERTY keyboard with 5-mega pixel camera and has a touch sensitivity display.


So, now let’s disclose the name of the phone. It is the LG Optimus 7, which is stuffed with many features that can keep you awestruck. It is a worth phone as it allows its users to easily enjoy content on the handset. It has streaks of digital platforms and with a simple finger flick you can get what you want. It also has some pre installed feature that would help the users to send their files across and there is no need to keep out from any application. You can easily get high resolution photos and high quality music files. This is also a good kind of social media sharing phone. It helps you to keep connected with your friends and family.