How to Earn Money in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)

Offer it when it gets to regarding 50 % -80 % increase (mine covered at 80 %).

Eighth Investment - Tinkle

Send a hitchhiker to the Airport terminal in this arbitrary event.

The hitchiker can be found on the the west coastline (Great Ocean Motorway) in Banham Canyon on Ineseno Roadway, right just before Chumah. This investment is not related to any of the murder missions provided by Franklin. After finishing the objective, the stock worth of Gold Coastline will boost. As a result, you could perform this "escort" goal with any of the 3 primary personalities. Just before completing his companion mission, purchasing into Tinkle. Promptly buy it (if you have refrained so) and the stock will begin to increase to around 33 %.

Note: Various other hitchhikers do not give you any sort of stock suggestions as benefits.

Seventh Financial investment - Gold Shore

Invest greatly into Gold Shore just before the "Building Murder" goal, where you have to eliminate Enzo Bonelli, a mob boss in the building place of business. After he makes it to the airport terminal on schedule, he will certainly provide you with a stock tip