Offsite data backup -How to choose an offsite backup company

Today due to the low cost of computer hardwares and the availability of high speed internet connectivity , we now have many offsite data backup companies . The function of an offsite backup company is to backup your data to a remote location .  Your data will even be backed up in multiple locations to ensure that they are safe and protected .

Many years ago offsite data backup was only available to big companies that had multiple locations , had high speed internet connectivity and had the budget .  Today due to the emerging of offsite data backup companies , individuals and business users can now backup all their computer and Laptop data to remote locations and access them whenever they want and from any other internet connected device worldwide .

Your data is your most important asset so care need to be taken where they are stored . That is before you select an offsite data backup company , there are many factors that you need to take into consideration . The first most important aspect in choosing an offsite data backup company is security .  Make sure that your data is encrypted before it is transmitted over the internet and that it remains encrypted while in storage in the offsite backup company's server and should also be password protected . It is only you that will have this password to open and view it .

Another aspect in choosing an offsite data backup company is the amount of online backup space they provide . Most of these backup companies provide different online backup space depending on the amount of data you intend to backup . You have 30GB , 60GB , 100GB , 250GB , 500GB and even unlimited backup space . Make sure to choose a backup plan that will be ok for you . Let say you have about 50GB of data to backup , you can enable the offsite data backup company to provide to you with about 250GB online backup space . The 250GB backup space is to enable growth .  You will constantly be adding more data to your computer in the feature and hence you'll need more backup space .

Before choosing an offsite backup company to store your data , make sure that your data is safe . The backup company should provide class 1 data centre with the highest security and safety meaures in place . Make sure that the data centre of the offsite backup company is replicated in different location for added seccurity  . Imagine that your data has been backed up with the backup company's data centre located in the USA . The backup company should ensure that your data be replicated to some of their other servers located for example in Japan and Canada . This ensure that if one of their server fails , your data will still be accessible .

 The offsite data backup company will be able to enable you share your files and folders between friends , co-workers , family members and more . You should be able to automatically sync your files across your computers and mobile devices .

The are many offsite data backup companies on the internet that provide all the features i have provided above and some of the backup companies are MyPcBackup , SugarSync , Mozy , Zipcloud and more .To read other interesting articles on why you should backup your data online and to see a list of some of the best online backup service visit