Which is better Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 2GB DDR3 GPU or Gainward NVIDIA GeForce GT630 1 GB DDR5?

Yet GDDR3 is the older variation and GDDR5 is the brand-new and also improved version. Hello there akp.

Rate of "Gainward NVIDIA GeForce GT630 1 GB DDR5":- Rs 5353 -> > http://www.flipkart.com/gainward-nvidia-... The 2 GB that the "GeForce GT 630 http://www.onlineworldsfanfest.com/download-i-am-bread-free-for-pc-torrent/ 2GB DDR3" has is of no value because it cant defeat the "GeForce GT630 1 GB DDR5" in any sort of benchmarks. Consequently the GDDR5 is the advanced version as well as hence quicker. A more memory is simply needed if you have a BIG screen(a lot more that 42 inch) or a MULTI SCREEN setup.

Both GDDR3 and GDDR5 are sorts of memory. It is a very good budget plan card and will certainly run all modern games at med-high setups


Do not get fooled by the quantity of memory a GPU has.

I recommend you go for the "NVIDIA GeForce GT630 1 GB DDR5".