Supermarkets led advertising display tips on how to decide on

The best way to pick out supermarkets led marketing show? LED show to get primarily based on the qualities and actual requirements of users, to select the proper display supermarkets. Normally, supermarkets led show with clear fonts, lower costs, fleet control advantages. (led traffic signs)


Supermarkets led show is primarily broadcast advertising and also other promotional info, mostly show text info elements, requiring cheap, so you can use P10 outside and semi-outdoor led show; if asked to demonstrate good outcomes, it is possible to utilize the indoor P5, P6, P7. 62, P8 and outdoor complete shade display P10, P12 total shade show.


In addition towards the aspects that led screen cost and model elements, and in addition from the following facets have been additional screened:


(1) Brightness


Indoor basic illumination environment advised using indoor display.


Outdoor outside display must be applied.


Inside the open lobby, eaves, outside canopy or sun roof as well as other powerful light surroundings, advised using semi-outdoor led show.


(two) Displays(agapeled)


If expected to display photographs, movies, then you definitely should pick out full-color show. Video photos want at the very least a couple of far more like 50000, so the resolution (complete pixel density) display really should normally be at least X (row) * Y (column) = 50000 like in excess of a couple of factors ahead of the effect of enjoying video. It's assumed to LCF P16 outdoor led display, one example is, the pixel density (dots / square meter) of 3906, and consequently no less than 50000/3906 = 12.8m2, to achieve the show.


If your broadcast text, information, tables, three-dimensional graphics, animation, then they should really pick two base color grayscale display;


In case the broadcast text, information, tables, two-dimensional graphics so that you can pick two-color show;


In the event you play text, information, tables, you then can decide on color led display.


(three) data capability and viewing distance


Choose led display should also take into account the knowledge capability and improved viewing distance. The show exhibits the information content is infinitely more, but concurrently material on one particular display is constrained. And just about every style of display has the best viewing distance, such as LCF P10 outdoor total colour show, the ideal viewing distance of ten to 30 meters, the viewing distance of significantly less than ten meters, grainy image isn't clear; viewing distance of a lot more than thirty m, the display spot will not be massive, the display is also small.

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