'So You Think You Can Dance' 2012 Top 10 Recap - Tiffany Maher, Brandon Bryant Party Disco Style

But from the outset, it wasn't a guaranteed winner of a performance. Although choreographer Doriana Sanchez deemed the routine "straight up fun," it was also straight up challenging, boasting a whopping 11 lifts. Tiffany joked that she had her fingers crossed that she'd survive the night.

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All three panelists were impressed. Nigel Lythgoe called Tiffany "fantastic" and said it was "very difficult to talk about your dancing because your feet weren't" on the floor very long. Mary Murphy said "you just set the dance floor on fire" and praised her for holding her body weight up during what she termed "a party" of a dance. Guest Benjamin Millepied called them "a great pair" and was especially impressed with their energy and with Tiffany's expressive face.

So You Think You Can Dance 2012 continued August 22 on FOX. With the field narrowed to just the top 10, a group of all-star performers from seasons past returned to hoof it alongside season 9's best. And things certainly started out well, as Tiffany Maher and SYTYCD season 5 standout Brandon Bryant opened the show in groovy fashion thanks to a disco number that drew rave reviews.

But she did much more than survive: She rocked. Bathed in glittering disco-inspired light, Tiffany and Brandon took viewers back to the seventies in grand fashion to the tune of "You Make Me Feel." The lifts were incredibly well done, and Tiffany wore an adorable smile throughout, despite delivering what must've been an extraordinarily tiring number.

But did Tiffany Maher do enough to earn America's votes this week? Watch the next edition of So You Think You Can Dance 2012 on August 29 to find out.