Keep the bill status accurate and up to date

Running a business either small or big means you are going to have a lot of confusion in billing and expense matters. There is no business in which you do not face such problems but the solution to this is always a wise brain to handle everything cleverly that never forgets anything. This is quite impossible to remember everything even after years and years. To cope with this problem, now you have a wonderful opportunity that is named as TimeLive.

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This is software that is web supported and can install on iPhone or other android devices. It has many features and some will be described here.The feature bill rates setup is amazing as it contains all the billable entries and invoices that are to be sent to the clients. Real time analysis is another amazing feature, that allows to keep check on the status of the billed amounts.

It is a computer in which there is no mistake and you can have any billing record no matter how old it is. Tax option is also there that helps to maintain the records of tax of the organization. Project management and budgeting feature is also in this software that manages expenses and projects all in once. This software is quite simple that there is no need of any special training to use this. Management department as well as employees can have it in their devices to be connected.