Top Ten Wakeboarding Techniques

So you've learned the basic principles of wakeboarding methods and you are able to move on to something more complex? If you think you're ready to try your hand in the harder maneuvers over a wakeboard then con-sider your skills to be tested by the following top ten wakeboarding tricks.

No 1 Top Wakeboarding Strategy

First is the Crow Mobe which really is a toeside front move with a 360. This is really one of the easy mobe methods that you can perform over a wakeboard and if you do it correctly it'll impress everyone watching. This trick can even be achieved without having to acquire plenty of air and you can choose to do it without a mid-air handle-pass to make it easier as you become accustomed to the trick. It is a good idea to be good at spinning scarecrows rapidly and manage to simply do toeside 360s both with and without passing the handle before you attempt the Crow Mobe.

Number 2 Top Wakeboarding Strategy

The Mobius which really is a heelside backroll with a front-side 360. This was the primary mobe trick done on wakeboards, but it is very hard to remain consistent when doing this trick which means you don't see many people, even experts, doing it today. So as a result technique you'll positively get respect and affection from people that are watching you. Before you try this trick you must be in a position to do roll-to reverts with a great height and short cut. You need to have strong handle driving skills and be fluent in doing heelside 360s.

No 3 Top Wakeboarding Strategy

Then there is the Tantrum to Blind that is an outburst with a rear 1-80 and an indy grab. This is a very difficult trick that requires one to have both skill and grace. It is also another one of the wakeboarding techniques that's very hard to become consistent with. This fine site link essay has oodles of forceful suggestions for when to mull over it. It is an incredibly beautiful looking trick though once you master this trick. Before achieving this trick you should have a powerful understanding and ability of the wake-to-wake tantrum and the ability to do a backside 180 which requires you to land wrapped.

# 4 Top Wakeboarding Technique

Next is the Elephant which is really a scarecrow with 1-80 conducted backwards to forwards. This technique is extremely similar to the scarecrow except the board is pulled by you straight back prior to landing instead of landing switch. This unusual partner sites wiki has collected witty warnings for the purpose of it. To do the Elephant effectively you must rotate and look like you are performing a scarecrow rather than a toeside front roll. Before achieving this trick you should be able to find a way to perform significant scarecrows, be able to do large aftermath leaps toeside and do toesides that require hard border.

# 5 Top Wakeboarding Trick