Stop Motion Animation


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If you wish to draw some stop motion animation however do not know what to try and do this text can facilitate. usually times individuals assume you've got to pay endless hours drawing constant figures over and over with simply a small modification between every drawing. And whereas this is often true there area unit variant inventive techniques you'll be able to use to draw fun and attention-grabbing animations while not the endless repetition. this text shows you 9 techniques.

You can do all of those techniques with little tools. except the required things for any stop motion animation sort of a camera, pc and a few free software package you'll be able to do this stuff with a paper, pencil and implement or my most popular technique of a dry erase board. I like the dry erase board as a result of it's terribly simple to draw on and erase things as you go.

1 - Text Associate in Nursingd words the purpose concerning an animation is to speak a message or a story and text may be a great tool for doing this. you'll be able to write words and sentences directly on your work space. And you'll be able to eff in Associate in Nursing animation vogue by adding the letters or words one at a time.

2 - Draw a background this is often unnoticed in animation however a decent background or perhaps an easy background adds tier of depth to the story you're telling. you'll be able to animate it or just leave it because it is with no motion the least bit.

3 - easy motion this is often the technique of drawing Associate in Nursing object on the work space, taking an image then erasing it and redrawing it during a new location. This motion of the article simulates movement and is extremely effective and straightforward to try and do. It is as easy as rain drops progressing down the surface or a ball bouncing across the screen.

4 - Growth - add lines and options think about this as one thing growing right before your eyes. Trees and plants keep subjects for this. You draw a line, take an image, extend the road, take another image, etc till full growth is achieved. you'll be able to conjointly reverse this method and have objects that shrink in size. You erase and take footage in tiny increments.

5 - Anthropomorphism: taking the human form to specific stuff you will draw easy human shapes that area unit terribly communicatory. they do not got to be complicated and even easy stick figures can do. however they're going to offer you a really wide selection of expression from shock to excitement, happiness and well the complete vary of human feeling.

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6 - Vary the speed of what's happening this is often a crucial tool. you've got to recollect that things do not all happen at constant rate of speed therefore you ought to vary your drawings to replicate this. Characters will run or walk and things will move slow or quick. A flower grows slowly and a rock falls from the sky quickly. area your drawings to replicate these variations in speed.

7 - Vary the point of view by panning or zooming you'll be able to pan or concentrate the animation while not moving the camera or the space. this is often a very neat technique that may create your video additional attention-grabbing and additional enticing. To concentrate on Associate in Nursing object you merely draw it in steps that area unit larger and bigger, and whereas you're doing this you're conjointly conveyance it toward the middle of your space. If you've got drawn a background you'll be able to move it to the left or right to simulate panning.

8 - Have multiple events happening usually times, once drawing Associate in Nursing animation, it's simple to urge mounted on one central character however if you wish to form your animation additional attention-grabbing you ought to keep in mind that quite one factor is moving at any given moment, albeit it's simply because of wind processing.

9 - Tell a story this is often the foremost vital technique and you ought to provides it lots of thought. it's the hinge that the complete animation rests on. this is often the rationale for what's happening within the animation and it offers the viewer a decent reason to continue looking at. If the viewer perceives a story is evolution he's additional at risk of keep on with the video to examine however it seems.