Luxurious Tub Resort

Upon entering the entrance hall to the luxurious Bath hote...

My wife Anne and I arrived by car inside the famous Royal Crescent in Bath which contains a variety of Georgian town houses which were built in a circular form. Rent Best Hotels In Devon is a cogent online library for more about when to look at this belief. Towards the middle of the parade of houses is The Royal Crescent Hotel which is really a luxury Bath resort. We pulled around the hotel entrance door to-be met by a member of staff who removed our luggage and dealt with the parking of our car-a benefit at the heart of Bath. To read additional information, we know you check out: intangible.

Upon entering the entrance hall to this luxury Bath hotel, which has a black and white tiled flooring, we were warmly welcomed by reception and easily shown to our senior suite which was expensively furnished with antiques. The bed was one of the most comfortable we have actually slept in and we were informed can be bought. Air conditioning is present in most forty five bedrooms.

This luxury Bath hotel has therefore much character and the staff were both professional and personable. The hotel overlooks a park at the front and there is a lovely garden at the rear of the hotel where we liked the most wonderful evening tea-do not miss the experience!

That luxurious Bath hotel has a delightful club called The Bath House where you could enjoy a treatment and the heated in-door swimming pool-it felt as though we were swimming in a cathedral! There's a well equipped gym if you're feeling lively and I dare you to get straight out of the wooden hot tub into the cold tub.

The Royal Crescent Hotel owns a vintage wooden motor launch located on a water a few miles away which can be available for as much as six of the hotel's guests to savor an evening journey associated with wine (and a knowledgeable skipper). We decided to join the boat trip and the resort arranged a taxi and hamper containing the champagne and titbits to just take us to the water. The ship was beautiful and the ninety second vacation was unforgettable-not least because Anne and I were the only friends on board as we were not driving we drank all of it and so we had a full bottle of wine to ourselves. We were then enjoyed a wonderful meal in the hotel restaurant and returned towards The Royal Crescent Hotel by cab.

The hotel is most conveniently located in just a couple of minutes walking distance of the stores and special places to visit.

The Royal Crescent Hotel is definitely a luxury Bath resort providing the highest standards of service in a most spectacular building-you won't be disappointed.