How To Treat Low Sex Drive In Females?

When women take care of themselves both physically and emotionally and when their love relationship is in good condition, they are bound to have good libido level. However, women are known to experience low sex drive at least once in their lifetime and some of the factors that can dim their drive towards lovemaking include:

Reasons for low libido in women:

1. Physical health issues inclusive of hormonal changes that take place during childbirth and menopause

2. Thyroid problems

3. Chronic stress, inclusive of some issues in relationship with the partner

4. Mental health issues like depression

5. Some medicines taken for blood pressure, anxiety, birth control and depression can also create low sex drive in women.

How to cure this condition? When an individual looks for remedies to treat low sex drive in females, it is recommended to opt for safe remedies that can cure the underlying issue and she should look for remedies that can bring long-term health benefits. This is where Kamni capsules can help women achieve the best results not only for the low libido issue, but also for their overall reproductive health and wellness.

Reviving libido with Kamni capsules:

These capsules can treat low sex drive in females mainly because of the ingredients that contribute for the same and here are the details in this regard:

Abhrak Bhasma: This is an ingredient that is prepared from mica and it is known mainly for treating skin disorders and urinary disorders. It can help in infertility treatment and can bring an overall rejuvenation to the body. Its anti-aging properties can bring down the low libido caused due to aging in women and this ingredient should not be taken separately by women as it should be taken only in specific quantity for the best results. This is why in Kamni capsules this ingredient is added in the right quantity to bring the intended benefits in a safe manner.

Bang Bhasma: This ingredient, which is otherwise called as vanga bhasma is known to improve taste, skin complexion and intelligence. It can also strengthen the immunity, thereby helping women to stay away from different health issues. When they are free from any form of health issues, they can stay active in their love life by combating low libido in an effective manner.

Lauh Bhasma: This is known for its effectiveness in anemia treatment. So, if low blood count in women causes low libido, it will be rightly treated by this effective ingredient. It is also used for jaundice treatment as it can strengthen the liver and it can also provide nourishment to the blood cells for ensuring their normal functioning. It also helps in formation of new blood cells and can stop their destruction as well, thereby making women healthier and active to participate in satisfactory lovemaking activity.

This remedy can treat low sex drive in females due to other ingredients like nagbhasm, ras sindoor and processed decoction of nagarbel, vijaysar, mulethi, semalmusli and dhature.


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