Herbal Iron Supplement For Heavy Blood Loss Due To Menstrual Bleeding

There are different problems experienced by women with respect to periods and some of them include missed periods, frequent periods or bouts of heavy bleeding and clotting. These issues are caused due to underlying hormonal imbalance that can be easily treated. Many women experience missed/late period at least once in their lifetime. But, heavy menstrual bleeding, when it continues to happen, it is important that women should look for the safe herbal iron supplement for heavy blood loss due to menstrual bleeding. The reason is that this issue is related to hormonal changes and so safe remedy is something important to consider. A woman looking for herbal iron supplement to get the right kind of relief for heavy menstrual bleeding can rely on Feroplex capsules. These capsules are made out of natural ingredients to provide the best remedy for women.

What are Feroplex capsules?

The best thing about these capsules is that they are made out of a unique combination of herbs that are non-constipating to the stomach. Generally, when there is heavy menstrual bleeding issue, women will face iron deficiency and this is why the best ingredients in these capsules are carefully added to treat iron deficiency apart from providing the best cure to the main issue of heavy menstruation. Iron is generally responsible for formation of hemoglobin and for effective circulation of oxygen to different parts of the body to ensure their proper functioning. When there is no or less iron content in the body due to heavy menstrual bleeding, women will feel highly exhausted and lethargic.

Reports state that vegetarian women are more prone to iron deficiency as against those taking red meat. Regular use of Feroplex capsules will help in improving iron content in the body. The reason is that these capsules assist in the formation of red blood cells and for effective functioning of the process of tissue formation.

What are the benefits women can get with these capsules?

1. As it is free from any form of artificial preservatives and additives women can get safe relief and the best supplement for heavy menstrual bleeding.

2 As it is made out of natural herbal ingredients, it is suitable for vegetarian women as well.

3. It will help in maintaining good health and energy level.

4. It can also help in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia.

Ingredients of Feroplex capsules:

When it comes to best herbal supplement for heavy menstrual bleeding, ingredients play an important role and here are the details about some ingredients that make Feroflex capsules effective:

1. Lauh Bhasma is a form of iron and so it can be effective in treating iron deficiency caused due to heavy blood loss during menstruation.

2. Kasis Bhasma is an ingredient that is known for its effectiveness in curing different blood related disorders.

3. Madhur bhasma is an ayurvedic preparation from iron oxide and it is known to effectively treat inflammation, anemia and it can ensure overall menstrual health in women.

4. Mishri is another ingredient known for treating different menstrual issues in women.


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