Why FFA Submissions and Link Farm Really are a Bad Idea


Before se's got wise, a site's site ranking was centered on keyword match-ups. The wrong sites were getting too much attention, when webmasters stock-piled their sites with keywords. Google decided to focus on a site's 'acceptance' rather. The amount of incoming links became the target of PR criteria. The theory behind this technique was that if lots of sites link to still another site, that site could contain useful content.

But again, webmasters got sneaky. With this trend, we began to see the development of 'Link Farms' and 'Free-for-All' (FFA) internet sites. These pages were essentially a collection of (quite often) useless links. Generally, the websites weren't categorized or detailed. They became a location for webmasters to eliminate their links so that you can make their site seem popular.

This strategy worked for quite a while, but soon se's caught on. 'Link Farms' and FFA sites served no purpose to web users. Learn more on this partner encyclopedia by clicking holomastigote faithworthiness liiugvxymwc. Since Google prides it-self on catering to users (and NOT builders), an answer needed to be established. 'Link Farms' were cluttering up the net and making it more challenging for customers to discover valuable resources on the web.

Google soon began to rate the standard of the links that decided a site's 'link pop.' 'Link Farms' and FFA websites became labeled as junk, and ergo contributed no value to a site's link popularity.

To-day, submitting to some 'Link Farm' or FFA site can be harmful to your website's name. Google takes a strong stance against such link pages. At best, the 'Link Farm' can pull down your position and allow it to be harder for the important sites to work-in your favor. At worst, your website is going to be BARRED entirely for using spam sites to try to create traffic. It is a very real possibility.

'Link Farms' and FFA sites present almost no value. Although it may appear appealing, people will not obtain quality or related links from your submission. Plus, who wants to see their link among 'trash' sites for adult activity, dating sites, and casinos? Publishing to 'Link Farms' doesn't subscribe to your credibility and is just not worth the risk.

Rather, spend your time submitting to credible websites and trading links with other relevant sites. The method can be time-consuming, nonetheless it could be the only way to generate secure, site-specific traffic.

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