Spreading Hope and Love.

Spreading Hope and Love.

How are you today? Feeling good? Well, I guess you should be thankful for that! Did you remember to pray and appreciate the Almighty God for blessing you with perfect health? I used to hate the sound of the ambulance and would close my ears everytime they passed on the roads. My teacher in Secondary school saw me doing that in class one day as an ambulance was passing and I never forgot what she told me. This is what she said to me, "Instead of blocking your ears to the noise of the ambulance, why dont you thank God that you are not the one who is being rushed to hospital in it?"


I have never forgotten what she told me, because it is absolutely true! Many times we take life for granted, health for granted, friends for granted, parents for granted and even opportunities for granted. Our pastor's wife in my church tells us every sunday that you should never lack a testimony to tell of God's goodness nomatter what you are going through because being alive alone and in good health is a testimony.


When we make life a routine of going to work, school, to visit friends, to have fun and not stop and take another look at the other side of life like how are people faring in hospitals, how it feels to wake up without a home, being in an abusive relationship and not being able to afford what you want in life, then we are simply going through life and not living it!!


The greatest gift and commandment that we were given is LOVE. Love is one thing that everyone needs in life nomatter what kind of a person they are. With love comes other great values like kindness, commitment, hospitality, goodness, faithfulness-you name it! it means giving your time, sharing what you have and spreading hope to those who feel beaten by life. I got an opportunity to join a group of young people dedicated to teaching children at the paedriatic ward at Kenyatta National Hospital and what I saw there moved me almost to tears. Those wonderful children are suffering from cancer and other terminal diseases but the energy that they  have, the determination you see in their eyes as they play and as they learn new things, makes you take a second look at your self and your life in general.


I learnt so many things from Colour my world (thats the name given to this initiative) how to appreciate the big and little things in life, how to hope, how to love, how to forgive, how to perservere, how to endure, how to share and how to live every minute as if it is my last. It is indeed great to see how these young people have volunteered their time and effort to come and spread a little love to these children. Going out of their way to ensure that these children get materials to use, books, interesting videos and people to visit and talk to them from different organizations is not something to be taken lightly.


My question now comes back to you my reader, when was the last time you went out of your way to spread a little love to that child whom you meet in the street as you go to work, that neighbour of yours who goes to school with torn clothes or even that niece or nephew whom you hear is at home because of lack of fees? If your answer to these questions is never, I suggest you take time to go to Kenyatta Hospital- Colour my World and give yourself an opportunity to be a blessing.


Trust me, It feels great and you gain so much than what you are giving out. These children need us to give them hope for the future, their parents needs us to give our support to them so that they can be confident in the fact that they are not alone and the hospital needs us to show that we trust them to provide quality healthcare for the children. We can all be a blessing if we open our heart to love and we become unselfish with our time.


Thats all I felt you needed to know today. God bless you always and THANK YOU for taking your time to read my blog today. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.